Here are some answers to questions we typically get asked about the how the network works. 


How are endorsements obtained?

Ratings were obtained from telephone interviews, surveys, and self entry by media executives who are members of LocalMediaInsider and associated media organizations. That's just the starting point! New members need to endorse two companies to join the network.

What are the criteria used to rank ratings?

Members rate technology they use on a scale of 1 to 5 with five being high, in five key areas:
  1. Functionality - How well the resource meets the needs and works
  2. Customer service - How well the company offering the service supplies trouble shooting and training
  3. Price - How significant the savings and ROI is from using this resource, and pricing relative to similar offerings
  4. Competitive advantage - How significant competitive advantage comes from using this resource
  5. Intregation - How well the resource integrates with existing products and platforms
Ratings are averaged to create an overall score. If a criteria is level blank it is given a neutral 3 score. 

What if I give a negative rating? Will it become public?

This site is paywall protected so your comments will not appear on the public internet, only privately to other members. The fact that an endorsement has been given for a company is a plus. However, knowing both strengths and weaknesses is useful information. Technology that works for one company's situation does not work for another and vice versa. So please take time with your comments and give as frank and complete an assessment as possible.

Can I give more than two endorsements?

As a member you will be able to leave an endorsement directly on the vendor's profile page, or click on submit a listing to request a new company be added to the network.

Can I change my endorsement?

Of course! You will be able to edit your own public profile, endorsements and comments from the "edit" link above the endorsement on your profile page.

Are vendors part of the network, too?

Yes, technology companies may join if they endorse two other technology resources. Vendor's participating are notated with an "i" for interactive next to their names. They also receive a "free pass" to give to one of their customers

What does it cost?

The network is free to member of LocalMediaInsider.  Click on "Join" to see membership options.