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bluehost provides low-cost shared hosting, as well as reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting.
Founded in 2002 by entrepenuer Matt Heaton, who has done missionary work in Taiwan. It is a WordPress recommended hosting service known for their customer service and the t
ech support which is U.S. based and in-house.

Internet Broadcasting

Internet Broadcasting is an Saas based CMS publishing platform, and full sevice digital agency, that publishes across platforms, mobile, web, mobile apps and social media. They also provide copy and copy editing priced on a per page basis.


Yext offers listings distribution services for SMB's since 2006. Providing a one click immediate update for online directories in a tiered pricing format that starts at $199/yr - 39 directories, $449/yr - for an additional 35 'top' directories, $499/yr - adds a dedicated account manager and the premium package, $999/yr includes review monitoring across a limited number of review sites, analytics and training.

Read the full review What's Yext?


SpeakEasy is a content marketing, social media and promotions agency based in Dallas, TX resulting from a joint venture between the Dallas Morning News and Slingshot. They operate more like a publishing company than advertising agency, creating content for clients on a daily basis, focusing on content and native advertising. 

Offering partnerships with media companies o helpthem create native advertising programs on the agency model.

Mentioned in the MediaMinds "Round up of native advertising summit 2014".


Content search & share platform starts at $2,000/mo. (negotiable) with a 12 month agreement. With Kapost, user can research content ideas, onboard and organize writers, run the content production process and editorial calendar, distribute content, promote the content, and then measure results. Kapost is primarily geared towards text based content but also handles video, tweets, and eBooks.

Used by SpeakEasy as mentioned in the case study, "SpeakEasy's content marketing agency"

Digital Tadpole Inc (DTI)

DTI is a software / web applications development company that has developed Kurkulis, a content management suite that includes layout components like an edit panel and gallery. It also has a free demo site to give an idea of how some features work that (be warned) randomly insert links back to the Kurkulis homepage and the various Kurkulis controls. Developer pricing starts at $300, add fixed number of support hours for $400, or bundle with source code of all tolls plus fixed number of support hours for $500.

Mentioned in the story "Is EW Scripps content based meter a better paywall model?"


Hootsuites social media dashboard facilitates posts across social media, includes Likedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The platform provides analytics, callaboration and secures social media assets. The tiered pricing starts with a free personal use plan - up to 3 social profiles, basic analytics, message scheduling, basic app integration, 2 RSS feeds and an optional Hootsuite U support and training program with 3 day free trial. PRO tier includes a 30 day free trial with up to 100 social profiles, up to 10 analytics reports, advanced message scheduling and access for up to 9 team members as well as unlimited RSS feeds and message archiving. Priced from $9.99/mo. The last Tier, Enterprise is recommended for governments and corporations with unlimited everything plus advanced security and is priced upon request. Both top tiers also offer custom/vanity URL's as optional. 


BlitzMetrics' social dashboard monitors data across channels and products in one place. The system provides reporting on top fans and followers to help  build brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

Helps to understand when and what content is effective so users can adjust messaging according to preferred voice.

Analytic monitoring across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr, tracks content performance, newsfeed coverage and feedback rate. Access data on multiple device platforms. Pricing currently starts at $30 per month for small businesses but there are plans to make this version of the product completely free very shortly. The enterprise plans start at $1000 a month, with which you get access to the raw data (not aggregated data) for further processing.



Nativo  is a platform that plugs into the media cms to automate native ads. Features include disribution to it's network, and targeting to particular demographics, geographies, and other criteria. Mentioned in the LMI story "Three ways to serve native ads". 


Polar's MediaVoice  platform that allows publishers to place native ads in-stream . Features include real time analytics and integration with existing CMS and Doubleclick. Ad types include sponsored stories, banner ads, in-stream, videos, photo galleries and outbound content. Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".


DistroScale, launched in September, 2014, is an platform and ad network for native ads that are specifically in the "sponsored post" format. Publishers can set unique rules and standards  to govern how  sponsored content is displayed and distinguished from traditional editorial content. The network has 600 partners to date include Digital First Media and E.W. Scripps.  Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads". The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in New York City and Los Angeles.


Sharethrough's platform enables publishers to create in-feed native ads nad video on  multiple devices, especially as an alternative to mobile display ads.  Sharethrough ads work in a mobile “scroll-centric” environment and made to work with the smaller screen. Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".



The OneSpot platform turns content into standard ad units for distribution across Facebook and ad networks.  the automated platform plugs into the existing CMS and includes retargeting capabilities. Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".




Livefyre’s StreamHub™ platform includes applications for real-time comments, live chat, live blogs, live media walls and ratings and reviews. Customers can also aggregate, filter and display social content from social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and integrate that content into any digital display to increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

For those looking to build custom experiences, StreamHub also enables the rapid development and customization of real-time, social apps, with a full library of APIs, web and mobile SDKs, developer documentation and sample code.

Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".