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Datasphere Technologies

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Seattle-based Datasphere provides a hyper-local neighborhood news and paid features platform for local media, and includes telemarketing services. The program Precision Targeting by Neighborhoods partners with primarily broadcast sites to increase market penetration and revenues and now has sales in the millions across multiple broadcast markets who receive a revenue share. The white-labeled hyper-local sites require users to register by selecting the neighborhood about which they want information, then serve that neighborhood news the next time they log in. News includes hyper-local press releases from the "cutting room floor" and paid features sold to local merchants. Paid content appears as images with a small text line on the right rail of the sites, and rotate into the key news hole, although most of the value to merchants is in the SEO. Datasphere acquires and manages the merchants (avoiding the protected list of TV customers and top prospects), builds the creative and traffics the ad. The media client simply adds the Datasphere neighborhood targeting service platform to its existing news and advertising platform, places a 300 x 250 ad on its website to drive traffic, and share the revenue it drives. Additional features include sponsorships, coupons, deals, product reviews, e-newsletters and business directories. Web-based content management system includes semantic search with automatic statement completion (suggestions) and “did you mean” functionality; automatic topic pages and content targeting; push-button site deployment; UGC features such as discussions, voting and social-media integration; a self-service portal; and outbound marketing features such as SEO, SEM and auto-syndication.  Business model is revenue share. Customers include Gannett Broadcasting, Meredith and the Arizona Republic. Check out their case study.


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