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Average rating : provides a co-branded online business directory for local media resellers. It's a pay-per-lead model. Media drives traffic to their own site, and takes advantage of significant SEO traffic from Google searches.

Mentioned in the review "What's Yext?"

Endorsements by : Laurel Lane


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Saxotech provides a full suite of integrated CMS platforms, including a self-service directory.

Endorsements by : Kelly Hulin, Byron Wooten, Charles Fertig, Lisa Miksis

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TownNews is a templated content management system for newspaper sites that include hosting, advertising, directories and paid content, plus response theme delivery to a variety of mobile devices.


Endorsements by : Jim McGowan, Tim Smith, steve trolinger, Harold Ellinghouse, Cindy Melland, Caroline Quattlebaum, Robert M Williams Jr, Pam Mox, Sam Gett, tim kelley, William Garber, Michael Rifanburg, Randy Sorenson, Sam Williams, Grahahm Osteen

Radiate Media

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Radiate Media offers a content management system and marketplace directory for media companies. Additional features include a built in text alert system, audio, video, mobile coupons, video pre-roll, post-roll and overlays.



Endorsements by : Walter Sanchez, Anonymous , Michelle Smith,



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Provides automated bidding AdWords and other PPC bidding for SEM resellers. Integrates with its own profile and directory pages that are media branded but part of a directory network. SEM integrates with the business profile and directory page to captures email and phone leads with reports that show where leads are coming from. Products are fully white labeled. A top local media customer is McClatchy; see this case study on the 2012 launch of ImpresLocal, a digital services agency that has heavy use of this long term partnership.  Also endorsed by Federated Media's digital agency serving radio and print customers.

Mentioned in How to use Linkedin to find and sell B2B and Ten tips for selling B2b accounts.

2 great case study examples on how Federated Interactive used the platform to sell HVAC and Pontoon boats.

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