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DJI Innovations

DJI Innovations manufactuers and supplies aerial drones for commerical use. One of the first used by media experimenting with drones in rural areas, where they can capture video footage and photos. Features  of DJI drones include  small size, easy to use and  unmanned; can capture images and video comparable quality as those shot on manned helicopters. Companies who have used the drone to report news include KBIA Missouri and The Missouri Drone Project in this case study. . Pricing: drone model 450 is $450; DJI Phantom, which may be a better model, costs between $650 and $1000. 




DroneFly is an online supplier of the aerial drone Phantom and other drone parts such as the gimbal. Used by early adapters flying drones to report on weather and environmental events in rural areas.  The gimbal which attaches the camera to the drone. Pricing: The gimbal is around $50; installation services are $99. Companies that have used a gimbal include KBIA Missouri and The Missouri Drone Project featured in this case study.