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ScribbleLive is an app which aggregates a variety of types of social media feeds on a single topic, allowing reporters to post updates of events in real time on the topic page. It is used for event coverage and to deliver breaking news updates for topics that have huge social interest. Features: The platform allows users to add images and videos and host live chats and Q&A sessions. Events are archived for future reference. ScribbleLive allows writers and editors to both publish and edit the liveblog. ScribbleLive made the Top 5 Favorite list from the York Daily News. Read about ScribbleLive here.

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Storify allows users to embed social media updates from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram into their stories. Features: Has a search tool that allows users to drag and drop updates directly into their story. Stories can be embedded onto personal websites. Pricing: Basic personal account is free and includes umlimited stories and embeds. Business account is ranges from $79 a month to $299 and includes additional featues such as ad-free stories, SEO compatibility, and Google Analytics. Background: Company launched in 2010. Storify made the Top 5 favorite apps list from the York Daily News. Read more on Storify here.



Geofeedia allows users to search and montior social media by a specific location. Media companies can discover real-time eyewitness sources and citizen-generated content. Features include live, location-based social media streams, or "GeoFeeds" that can be searched, monitored and analyzed. Data can be exported through an API. Companies that have utilized Geofeedia for reporting or journalism include The Denver Post, BBC, and BuzzFeed. Geofeedia made the Top 5 Favorites list from the York Daily News. Read about Geofeedia here.



RebelMouse is a tool which aggregates social media content in one page. Media companies use the platform to promote all the news on high interest events or topics, driving more traffic to the stories. Features: Reporters can create aggregated pages of content around any topic (or multiple topics) by pulling in relevant hashtags from Twitter accounts and other social media. The tool pulls in images, videos, headlines, and from accounts and hashtags they select and populates the page with those images and headlines. Pricing: For $9.99 a month, the site will also automatically update a user's websites with posts from their various social networks. Users include the York Daily News, who used the tool to source a major event. RebelMouse made the Top 5 Favorites list from the York Daily News. Read about RebelMouse here.






Scribd is a user-submitted application to upload and share documents online, especially useful for sharing background documents from news stories. Embed codes allow a hosted area on the media page.  Features:  Live blog is available for uploading and viewing documents. Source library. Pricing: Users can share content through Scribd for free or through a premium service. Companies that use Scribd include Random House, The New York Times and the World Bank. Background: Launched in March of 2007 by Trip Adler and Jared Friedman in San Francisco. About 100 million people use Scribd monthly. Scribd made the Top 5 Favorites list from the York Daily News on More on Scribed  here.




Notability is an iPad app that incorporates typing and recording to organize notes. Originally developed as a notetaking tool for college students, it is used by some reporters to assist them in the field. Feautres: The app is used to link audio recordings to notes. Users can export and import notes in multiple formats and categorize them. Apple lists Notability as the 17th most downloaded paid app. Background: Notability was created in April 2010 by Ginger Labs, which is also the creator of soundAMP. Read about Notability in a case study on reporting apps used by the York Daily News  here.