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Advert Pro

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AdvertPro is an ad serving and management platform for publishers and advertisers.  It includes targeting, supports multiple rich-media types and offers real-time reporting.

Endorsements by : Susan Horowitz


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DoubleClick, now owned by Google, provides one of the most widely used and state-of-the-art ad serving platforms. 

Endorsements by : Jeremy Iggers, Brian Gorman, graham johnston, Chris Muldrow, Jim Henderson, Kurt Christopher, Jacob Arriola, blair barna


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AdJuggler is an ad serving platform that also allows participation in an ad exchange, AdJuggler Media Exchange.

Endorsements by : andrew coyle


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OpenX provides an open source ad serving platform with an enterprise upsell. OpenX On Ramp is free, with a charge only for overages; OpenX Enterprise is priced based on impression volume and includes support and additional features. 

Endorsements by : Jay Jacoby, Tester