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Outbrain is a content discovery platform that s recommends related content  on a pay-per-click model. As such is also serves as an upsell for native ad distribution. Mentioned in the  "Round up from the Native Advertising Summit 2014".

Endorsements by : Shana Hoch

Chartbeat, Inc.

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Chartbeat’s web analytics product is designed for newsrooms. It delivers real-time reporting on traffic sources, social-media sharing specific to platform, performance-over-time graph, visits broken down by new and return and level of engagement. Publishers can see views specific to content such as articles or videos and average engagement time for specific periods from one to thirty days. Any data can be sorted by device used to access.

Mentioned in the MediaMinds "Round up of native advertising summit 2014"  and LMI story "How to serve a native ad"

Endorsements by : Mary Winters



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Taboola supplies related video content for media sites, adding some paid content with a revenue share. 

Mentioned in the MediaMinds "Round up of native advertising summit 2014".

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Friends2follow offers an embed widget with a simple administrator dashboard to pulls any social stream including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube onto local media websites. Local media are embedding these as content blocks into which they can upsell advertiser streams. Read the full review and list of upsells in  "Best practices for using friends2follow".  Recommendations from the following association: Parenting Media Association.


Nativo  is a platform that plugs into the media cms to automate native ads. Features include disribution to it's network, and targeting to particular demographics, geographies, and other criteria. Mentioned in the LMI story "Three ways to serve native ads". 


Polar's MediaVoice  platform that allows publishers to place native ads in-stream . Features include real time analytics and integration with existing CMS and Doubleclick. Ad types include sponsored stories, banner ads, in-stream, videos, photo galleries and outbound content. Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".


DistroScale, launched in September, 2014, is an platform and ad network for native ads that are specifically in the "sponsored post" format. Publishers can set unique rules and standards  to govern how  sponsored content is displayed and distinguished from traditional editorial content. The network has 600 partners to date include Digital First Media and E.W. Scripps.  Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads". The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in New York City and Los Angeles.


Sharethrough's platform enables publishers to create in-feed native ads nad video on  multiple devices, especially as an alternative to mobile display ads.  Sharethrough ads work in a mobile “scroll-centric” environment and made to work with the smaller screen. Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".



The OneSpot platform turns content into standard ad units for distribution across Facebook and ad networks.  the automated platform plugs into the existing CMS and includes retargeting capabilities. Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".




Livefyre’s StreamHub™ platform includes applications for real-time comments, live chat, live blogs, live media walls and ratings and reviews. Customers can also aggregate, filter and display social content from social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and integrate that content into any digital display to increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

For those looking to build custom experiences, StreamHub also enables the rapid development and customization of real-time, social apps, with a full library of APIs, web and mobile SDKs, developer documentation and sample code.

Mentioned in LMI Native ad channel feature story "Three ways to serve native ads".