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Press+ provides online subscription software. Features of the Press+ system include secure payment processing, ability for subscribers to select from multiple packages (i.e., online only subscriptions, online + print subscriptions, etc) and the option for publishers to add discount codes. Other services: Analytics, A/B testing and custom marketing messages. Customers: More than 300 customers including MediaNews Group, Tribune Company, GateHouse Media and McClatchy. Background: The company was founded in 2010 by Steven Brill, founder of The American Lawyer magazine; and L. Gordon Crovitz, a former publisher of The Wall Street Journal. Based in New York City. Numerous case studies on LocalMediaInsider include the launch of Lee Enterprises' paid initiative; and Morris Communications' paid initiative. 

Used by E.W. Scripps as mentioned in the story "Is Scripps' content meter a better paywall model?"

Endorsements by : Jim McGowan, Karl Heminger, Michael Adams