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Second Street Media

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Second Street Media is a leading provider of private-label platforms for contests, daily deals and photo galleries. Customer service includes phone support, webinars, "Best of" awards for customers and an online learning center to access these materials. Features include platforms for contests, sweepstakes and giveaways that run online or on Facebook, a daily deals platform integrated with email and text, and photo publishing and e-commerce platform.  Co-Founder Matt Coen serves on the Board of Directors of Local Media Association. Critical vendor for 1900 media companies. LocalMediaInsider's case study on E.W. Scripps, who uses the platform for Facebook contesting, a central sales initiative is here. See also Six Mega Contests created on Second Street Media's Upickem platform; how to create a money-making Wedding ContestContest ideas for 16 business categories, and

Endorsements by : Bill Eans, Brett Hulsey, Cindy Butner, Peter Bakke, Michael Adams, Mark Briggs, Sarah Taylor, John Jordan, Mike Schuttinga, Laurel Lane, Bruce Kropp, Lisa Davis, David Carfolite, Bryan Stroud, Mark Dobie, Christina Rice, Kurt Lozier, Sam Gett, Glen Callanan, Shana Hoch, Ethan Busse, Brett Carr , Sam Williams, Lisa Miksis