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Digital Lightbridge

Endorsements : 2

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Digital Lightbridge is a marketing firm specializing in integrated content management systems for radio sites and in brand marketing.

Endorsements by : Rick Davison, Allen Henderson

Santiam Communications

Endorsements : 1

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Santiam Communications designs, develops, maintains and markets websites for businesses in a variety of industries. 

Endorsements by : Ted Jenne

Radiate Media

Endorsements : 4

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Radiate Media offers a content management system and marketplace directory for media companies. Additional features include a built in text alert system, audio, video, mobile coupons, video pre-roll, post-roll and overlays.



Endorsements by : Walter Sanchez, Anonymous , Michelle Smith,


Endorsements : 2

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MediaSpan creates integrated business software, from site design through  billing and accounting for the media industry, including newspaper, radio and television. 

Endorsements by : Randy Sorenson, Mary Karst


Intertech Media

Endorsements : 3

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Vortal 3.0 CMS by Intertech is a content management system for broadcast, radio and television, sites. The platform allows immediate delivery of radio and television stations content to multiple platforms that include Web, SMS, e-newsletter and social media. They recently developed a community site, for, reviewed here, that resulted in digital revenues that comprise 25 percent of the stations total revenues. More than 1,200 broadcast clients that include Chapel Hill, NC,, a 60-year old, locally-owned and operated, standalone station, and groups such as Cumulus Media and Saga Communications.

Endorsements by : Chris Russell, William West, Larry Veihmeyer