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Average rating : provides a co-branded online business directory for local media resellers. It's a pay-per-lead model. Media drives traffic to their own site, and takes advantage of significant SEO traffic from Google searches.

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Case_study, a division of OPUBCO Communications, owner of The Oklahoman, partners with media to provide white-labeled SEO services. Features: Provides traditional SEO and SEM services, email marketing and conversion rate optimization. Background: OPUBCO  built this $2 million division with  SEO manager David Christopher,  hired in 2010 to create an SEO strategy for audience development of the newspaper’s own site, Today the SEO division has 14-non sales employees, is arguably the leading provider of SEO services in Oklahoma City, also providing back end services for large local ad agencies. Read a case study on the company published by LocalMediaInsider  here.