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Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys is widget that publishers can add to high traffic areas of their sites to require readers to complete a short poll before continuing reading.  How it works: Google charges anyone who wants insights on consumer preferences 10 cents for a completed one question on micro-survey which they run across their network of media sites.  Anyone who wants consumer insights can buy a survey on GoogleConsumerSurvey's site, with a minimum buy of $100. The survey polls are coded to appear half way through a story, blocking the content until the questions are answered. Publishers control where, when and how often to place the surveys.  Business model:  The publisher keeps 5 of the ten cents for every question answered. Typically, the polls have a 10 to 20 percent completion rate for news sites, so that means 5 cents x .20 x pages = total dollars. Strategies include using polls to monetize high traffic areas that otherwise do not have either ads or paid content, such as photo galleries, and presenting other alternatives to the poll, such as email registration, which is incorporated into partner options. Customers include McClatchy which tested this partnership in a major market in 2012 with six figure revenue gains.  In this case study, Shaw Meida programmed their polls to only show up to the same visitor once a day.  This yielded about $450 a month in one small market, but as an owner put it, "like picking a quarter up off the floor."  Significant revenues here for heavily trafficked media sites