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AdCellerant specializes in executing programmatic display, mobile, tablet, video, native, email and search marketing campaigns. The company is a Google Premier Partner and has received accolades for its proprietary software AdCellerant executes thousands of digital advertising campaigns in more than 260 markets in five countries. AdCellerant has partnerships with SNPA and Inland Press Association to provide free training and Google certifications to employees of member newspapers.

Hearst Corporation

LocalEdge Internet Marketing, owned by Hearst Corporation, supplies digital services to Hearst properties and also white-labeled back end services to other large newspaper companies. Services include SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEM, online video production and editing, email marketing, repotation management and web design. *Case study pending. 
This Company was mentioned in a LocalMediaInsider blog
 Takeaways from The Digital Media Summit.

Read the full story on how Morris Publishing Group uses LocalEdge; 'Agency 2.0- How Main Street Digital Grew Digital Revenues Tenfold in Two Years' at LocalMediaInsider, here.


AdTaxi Networks

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AdTaxi Networks is one of the first publisher-owned ad agencies and ad network.  Created by Digital First Media, the ad network allows buyer to place national campaigns across premium loal sites.  Networks include online display, mobile, social and email. Also sell additional marketing services as an agency. Also includes a full suite of digital products with a stating price minimum of $2000 a month AdTaxi Express serves the lower end of the market with digital service packages. Results for media and merchants have been exceptional. See this case study on winning marketing campaign for Home Furnishing Chain created by AdTaxi  on LocalMediaInsider, and case study on The Dallas Morning News partnership here. 

This Company was mentioned in a LocalMediaInsider blog Takeaways from The Digital Media Summit and  Director of Sales Ryan Moffat spoke at the 2013 Digital Agency Summit. 

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Propel Marketing

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Propel Marketing provides digital marketing services for local media resellers, including a leads-based dashboard that integrates leads from different platforms. Aims specifically at the lower end of the market.  Launched by Gatehouse in 2012. Sales topped $9 million in 2013, with a target of $30 million in the next few years.  Mentioned by LocalMediaInsider in How to Start a Digital Services Agency and Ten Models for Digital Agencies within Media Companies.

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Radiate Media

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Radiate Media offers a content management system and marketplace directory for media companies. Additional features include a built in text alert system, audio, video, mobile coupons, video pre-roll, post-roll and overlays.



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Dream Local Digital

Dream Local Digital provides a white-labeled turnkey approach to a reselling a full set of digital marketing services to local merchants. Services include fulfillment of social media presence and management, blog posting management, email marketing design, set up and management, SEO including search engine registration and listing management, key word optimization planning and execution, SEM placement and PPC campaign management, mobile site, landing page and marketing, video optimization, distribution and marketing, and reputation management. Founder Shannon Kinney is an expert in leading advertiser seminars, presenting to more than 5000 local merchants in 2012. Business model includes a revenue share. Case study on partnership with Kenosha News that yielded $25,000 in new gross revenues monthly is here.  Also see this model and company referred to  in "How to start a digital services agency" here. Customers include the Kenosha News.



Vendasta Technologies, Inc

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Vendasta is a leading provider of reupuation management and social marketing tools for media resellers, including newspapers and IYP companies, and  agencies and national brands. Features include a white labelled Business Center or availability via API's, allowing a customer-facing dashboard to view social reviews, fix inaccurate listings and update social media from one simple console.  Zoomable National Brand Report for multiple locations. Allows local merchants to compare their online presence with competitors and engage with their customers on popular social networks.  Call analytics is included in the product. Integrated into ClickFuel and other top universal dashboards.  Vendasta was named 2010 SIMA award winner in the Social Media category by the Sask Interactive Media Association.  Pricing for media is to buy wholesale and sell to advertisers at retail. Featured in multiple LocalMediaInsider case studies on in house ad agencies and digital marketing services including this Case study on McClatchy's ImpresLocal, Case study on 1100 Broadway, The Tennessean's digital agency, Dow Jones Local Media Group sells Digital Services and Morris Communications SoLoMo sales packages.  Customers include more than 1800 media properties. 
Mentioned in the review "What's Yext?"
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Guarantee Digital

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Guarantee Digital provides a turnkey package of digital services and integrated reporting for local media resellers. The Guarantee Digital Agency Partner program claims to allow local media to launch a fully-branded digital agency in six weeks. Named an SMB Future Star by BIA/Kelsey.

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