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CityLinkTV is a video platform that allows companies to instantly start live streaming and archiving their streams with just a camera and microphone. The price is a one time payment of $350 per year. How it works: After signing up, the site will prompt you to download Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2, a free platform provided by Adobe that supports video and audio streaming. The site can be used with any standard video camera that has the three (red, white, yellow) wires into a PC. Also allows separate microphones. Features include eight built in ad units, an archive for each media customer (these include videos of advertisers as well as footage), and hosting. Used by Houston Herald to create live video coverage of high school sports and soon to be used for coverage of city council and other meetings, case study here.

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Cinesport provides customized local sports content in its own video player, then serves with national ads and shares the revenues, usually around $4 to $5. 



SendToNews provides exclusive sports video of major leagues for lcoal media companies to use as content. Business model is a revenue share of national advertising sold by SendToNews, typically equates to about a $15 CPM.  Ad units are mid-rolls and logos in the top right and left. Does not alllow local units. Mentionned in  Takeaways from The Digital Media Summit.