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Exit Local

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Exit Local is a classified digital ad platform for radio, TV and newspaper media partners.

Endorsements by : Mike Frazer


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Polk supplies targeted email marketing data for the auto industry. Media resellers can target by area and type of car owned. 

Endorsements by : John Krivosheyff



Wave2 creates self-serve advertising  solutions for obits, real estate display and other classifieds ads, and small business ads, including obituaries notices, Lasting Memories, and a wedding announcements, Celebrations. Included in Monetize and Grow a Wedding Franchise  here. 

Also featured in - How to Build aTop Wedding Niche Site,  How Albany Times Union increased real estate revenues,

How Bay Area News Group tripled obituaries revenue,  Houston Chronicle increases DIY real estate ads by 

65% and our review of Wave2 



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Adicio is a classified-platform provider for media companies, with platforms specific to each vertical and a new general-classified platform. Its Career Cast recruitment network was just named 2012 Best Classified Website with less than 1 million unique monthly visitors by Editor & Publisher. 


Endorsements by : Kurt Lozier

Exponent Media Group

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Exponent Media Group provides a cloud-based reverse publishing platform for Automotive, Real Estate and Employment classifieds areas.   

Endorsements by : Seth Horn

Gabriel's Technology Solutions

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Platform for auto and real estate classifieds, with many additional features.

Endorsements by : Bruce Kyse, Jason Erdahl