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This platform allows media companies to find contract employees around the world. Freelancers are rated and reviewed.

Endorsements by : , Jeff Howland


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Bondware builds media web sites and provides media resellers with a simple platform to create turnkey multi-featured websites up and running in minutes for a low price.  Hosting and several add-on modules are optional. 

Endorsements by : Gary McKenney

Brain Swell Media

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Brain Swell Media is an internet consultant firm that supplies media with training and resources for web development and sales.

Endorsements by : Donna Jefferson

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This tool allows users to submit visual changes on screen shots of web applications, sites and advertisements by drawing on them with a tool.

Endorsements by : , Brian Mahoney, Beth Marsoun



Tool for building template web sites used by a number of media companies listing under resources in "How to Start an AdAgency," also by 1100 Broadway, the Agency of the Nashville Tennessean case study here. Features include 120 site themes, hosting and domain names. Other marketing services offered including listing distribution, email print and fly product. Retail pricing is in three tiers based on numbers of 25, 50 or 100 page sites for $12, $18 and $36 per month.



SquareSpace is an easy to use web-building tool with a number of templates including e-commerce.  Recommended by the Elkhart Truth's agency, Strawberry Fields, and other third party vendors.