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Fiverr is a marketplace of freelancers willing to perform a variety of services for $5. 

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This platform allows media companies to find contract employees around the world. Freelancers are rated and reviewed.

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Affinity Express

Affinity Express provides outsourced  digital and printproduction services to  publishers. One of the largest serving the newspaper industry.  Services include production of marketing materials and ads, vector artwork recreation, business documents, pre-media page assembly, and editorial support services such as page assembly for newspapers, magazines and catalogs. Also provides services to brands, including catalogs, in-store promotions and alpha channel masks. Customer service: 24 hour or less turn-around time is available on select services. Background: Company was launched in 2000 with U.S. headquarters and a production facility in India, and has since been to the Global Services 100 list both in 2011 and 2011. Customers include Red Wing Media,  Rust Communications and many other print media. Mentioned in case study on RedWing's inhouse agency here. 
This Company was mentioned in a LocalMediaInsider blog Takeaways from The Digital Media Summit.